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Andrés wrote:  2011-01-27
Hola, soy de Argentina y no encontré chapitas de mi país en tu colección, si estas interesado en intercambiar escribime. Saludos
Jeff Reeder wrote:  2011-01-26
This collection is awesome
Sebastian Lukas wrote:  2011-01-07
Hi Robert,

sure, I really am interested in an exchange with Philippines caps. But I am still in Canada right now and I will be back in February. Then I have quite a lot of trades with other collectors to do. But I am sure that we can trade some time this year, or next year otherwise.

If you want, just enter your email on my trade page - or email me:

robert wrote:  2011-01-07
nice collection. if you're interested with philippines caps, justl let me know and will exchange.
Kayla & Sarah wrote:  2010-12-03
sup saby?
i haven't really seen your website but I bet it's really cool anyways.
i'm sitting next to yah and your watching me write this :D
Hope you're having fun in Canada! BYE-
P.S see ya monday...
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